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Kristin Loffer Theiss started a working studio in the Pacific Northwest called klt:works in 2005. She’s been making and designing products for the modern home and family under the klt:works label ever since. The klt:works studio has recently expanded including various forms of printmaking as the primary focus in the products offered. Kristin's love of textiles, screen printing, and mid-century modern design has influenced her new line of printed goods.


Kristin and her husband, Chris, both hold MFAs in Fine Art and met 19 years ago, teaching at a local college. Both are still adjunct art faculty members today – Kristin teaching drawing &/or painting and Chris teaching beginning and advanced ceramics. They have a child named, Sayer, who is a young artist in his own right. Klt:works is a family studio and all three creatives have their part in the success and unique vision of the business. A day in a life around their house includes laughter, dancing, listening to music, and making. Everything you see with a klt:works label, is made by hands- with attention to detail and lots of heart.

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EDUCATION: Kristin Loffer Theiss graduated from the School of Visual Arts in NYC with a Master in Fine Arts in Fine Art, in 1996.